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Certified Android Application Developer (CAAD) is the only comprehensive practical oriented, hands-on android apps development training program in Indore, India delivered by Pristine InfoSolutions which covers entire aspects of developing applications from basic JAVA to advanced Android development meeting the needs for professionals as well as fresh brains. This CAAD course is designed to provide essential skills and experience with developing applications on Android mobile platform which will create genius developers who can think distinctively and who can build applications rapidly.

CISEH, the most sought-after information security certification is designed to reinforce the skills of the new generation of cyber sleuths!

This Android Application Development Course is equipped with colossal practicals, tools and techniques that enable students to use the platform to develop feature-rich and innovative applications and games for both web and mobile platforms required to become pro of the technology. Since, android technology is proliferating and is in a gigantic demand, CAAD program will help candidates to know about the actual industry requirements and prepare them accordingly. By undertaking our international android certificate course, candidates would be able to get an in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies that are being actually used by the industry.


Our certified android application development training is an intensive, results focused program aimed at helping learners create applications using Google's Android™ open-source platform. CAAD program includes the absolute basics required to help learners understand the very core of android application development.

  • Understand the key concepts of Android
  • Learn android’s application framework
  • Understand android architecture & life cycle
  • Design UIs and custom UIs and handle events
  • Develop interactive android applications
  • Create applications using SQLite database
  • Publish applications on Google Play Store


Anyone who wants to learn Android should have a basic programming language knowledge. This Android training course begins with the basic concepts of Java programming and works upward to full fledged Android applications development.

Target Audience.

CAAD is targeted towards those who are looking to build career in android development, students who want a head start in a new niche and professionals who wish to tap the increasing demand in the market or anyone who wants build amazing android apps.

Training Duration.

It will be of 40 hours training sessions where trainer will be physically present in class to take sessions. Every session consist combination of both theoretical and practical stuffs with live android applications development project.

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Why Android Training ?

Make a big leap in your career.

Mobile devices are the platform that will bring the next five billion people online. With Android expanding rapidly into emerging markets, and growing beyond phones and tablets into wearables, auto, and TV, learning the fundamentals behind Android development represents an opportunity to affect and improve the lives of billions of people.

Many organizations like Google, Accenture, IBM, Wipro, Oracle, etc. across multiple domains are building Android Apps both for enterprise and retail products and actively seek android developers. Whether you are student or in the IT industry, possessing Android Development skills will help you take the next big leap in your career.

create outstanding mobile experiences!

"We Help You Build Amazing Apps"

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Today, a large amount of the population across the globe is obsessed with Android operating system. Android gadgets are blossoming nowadays, and in the advancing future they might turn into the real drivers of business. There is a huge demand for Android apps and as per the estimation nearly a million Android devices are getting activated worldwide on a daily basis. Subsequently, there is a higher interest than supply in android and mobile development, which reiterates the fact that there are not enough quality mobile developers in the world.

Presently, Android developers are the most needed software developers by organizations worldwide. One of the greatest advantages of undergoing Android development training is that you will get plentiful opportunity in market to work as an Android developer. If you are looking for an Android Training Course in Indore, India and wants to build your expertise for Android, then CAAD is the best certification to earn a promising lucrative career.

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This Android course covers a wide range of topics which cater to an extensive range of apps starting from the scratch to equip you with required skills and make you market ready.
  • Introduction to JAVA Technology
  • Language Fundamentals I
  • Language Fundamentals II
  • Language Fundamentals III
  • Arrays, String and Wrapper Class
  • Abstract Class and Exception Handling
  • Nested Class
  • Multi-threading
  • Android Development Environment Kit
  • Installing the software development tools
  • Navigating Javadocs
  • SDK tool and sample code
  • Android Virtual Devices (AVDs)
  • Android Debug Bridge (ADB)
  • Dalvik Debug Monitoring System (DDMS)
  • Accessing the Android File System
  • Pushing and pulling files
  • Accessing and filtering system logs
  • Android 4 SDK and tablet applications
  • Java for Android
  • Java Package
  • Java types System, primitive types
  • Access modifier and encapsulation
  • Java types and the Android frameworks
  • The Ingredients of an Android Application
  • Android Apps Components and Modularity
  • Android class hierarchy design
  • Concurrency in Android
  • AsyncTask and the UI thread
  • Developing Android Application
  • Application Structure
  • The context class hierarchy
  • Linear, Relative and Table Layouts
  • Activities and linking with Intents
  • The essential Android base classes
  • The app package
  • The view package and ViewAdapters
  • Packaging an Android application: the .apk file
  • Sandboxing
  • The Application lifecycle
  • Shared Preferences and Content providers
  • Skeleton Application for Android
  • The bones of a Real Application
  • A framework for a pleasing user experience
  • Compatibility with many kinds of screens
  • Testing for screen size compatibility
  • Resource qualifiers and screen sizes
  • Android UI and Database access
  • Activity, Layout, Views, Intents
  • Relational database overview
  • Sqlite3 database and its limitations
  • Operating databases using SQL helper classes
  • Document-centric interactive applications
  • The model-view-controller design pattern
  • Database-centric data models in Android
  • Cursor Adapters & binding views to databases
  • Using Google API's and services
  • Integrating Google Maps & services in apps
  • Debugging Android Code
  • Preparing an application for distribution
  • The Google Play Store
  • Placing applications in the Play Store
  • Live Projects

Note: Each of the above module contains sub-modules, for complete course details contact us !


We don't just talk about possibilities. We make them Possible.


In-house lab sessions with highly reputed and experienced professionals from IT software industry where learners can interact with the instructor face to face for optimal learning experience.


Online classes are conducted through LIVE video streaming, where learners can interact with the instructor by speaking, chatting and sharing screen, on a specific day and time and with a set duration.


  • Multiple technologies course
  • Advanced and updated course content
  • In depth usage of Java
  • Complete hands-on training with projects
  • Real time android apps development
  • A premier international certification of CAAD
  • Design, develop, test and publish applications
  • Industry expert android trainer
  • Immense practicals and assignments
  • 24x7 lab availability to practice concepts
CAAD is a comprehensive android app development course that will enable you to create full-featured Android apps. Upon completion of our Android training program, the learner will be proficient in every aspect of the Android platform beginning with base kernel right up to building end-user Android applications.


Some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Android Course.

Q. How do I become an ethical hacker?

To become an ethical hacker, an individual must be expert in Network Security, Email Security, Web Security and Cyber Law. CISEH training covers all the mentioned pillars required to become an ethical hacker.

Q. What are the career benefits of CISEH for you?

In the event that you plan to seek your career in ethical hacking, certifications are also available to this end. The Certification act as an advantage for the one's who want to pursue career in ethical hacking. Certification gives you specialized angle, as well as the legitimate edge. If a person isn't certified, there are possibilities that he/she may face legal problems in case of an incident. Pristine's CISEH certification will certainly help you gain knowledge and experience. It will also help you get an entry into the ethical hacking career. However, do remember that just certifications won't help. There's not a viable alternative for hands-on experience.

Q. What is the total duration for ethical hacking training?

The total course duration is of 50 Hours. The 50 hours duration is divided in to 10 lectures. Each lecture will be for 3 hours followed by practical assignments and lab exercises for 2 hours. Towards the end of the course, you will be working on live projects where would be expected to complete a project based on your learning. Our Cyber Experts will be available to help through email, phone or Live Support for any help required.

Q. Do you also provide any course material?

Once you register with us for a particular course, you get lifetime access to the course materials such as Ebooks and Toolkits.

Q. Are classes conducted on weekdays or weekends?

The classes are conducted every week. Regular Batch and Weekend Batch.

  • Regular Batch: Monday to Friday ( Alternate Days).
  • Weekends Batch: Saturday/Sunday and only Sunday.

Q. How do I enroll for the ethical hacking training?

You can enroll for Ethical Hacking Training by visiting any of our branch in your city. Once the fees has been paid, receipt of the same will be issued to the candidate.

Q. Why is the certification most sought-after?

Pristine's CISEH certification has become highly sought after with instances of organizations like Defence organizations, Forensic laboratories, Detective companies, Investigation services, IT Industry and Law enforcement agencies making CISEH certification a compulsory prerequisite for security-related posts. Whether you are a Fresher or an Experienced Professional, CISEH will distinguish yourself from the crowd to become most in-demand IT Security Professional

Q. What is the certification process?

This course is designed for clearing Certified Information Security and Ethical Hacker Course (CISEH). The exam will be conducted after completion of the training which will assess and evaluate practical skills of a student. Once the student pass the exam. He will be awarded with CISEH certification.

Q. Who will be the trainer?

We have highly qualified and certified Trainers with vast number of experience. Majority of the CISEH training will conducted By Mr. Rizwan Shaikh. He is one of the India's renowned Ethical Hacker, Information Security Researcher and Cyber Crime Consultant actively involved in providing Ethical Hacking and Information Security training & services. He is the Founder and CTO of Pristine InfoSolutions and has trained over 30,000 individuals in Colleges, Corporates and Government Departments. To know more about him, please visit

Q. What if I have doubts/queries before or after the session?

We provide 24x7 support to make sure that you get your queries resolved any time you need, either through the mode of phone calls or emails.

If you have doubts before the class, you can post your queries face-to-face during the session. If you have any doubts after the session is over, then you can call or email the instructors anytime.

Q. Is there any project supported with the course?

The students get the unique opportunity to work on various technologies of our ongoing client projects along with the professional guidance and training. It allows students to link theory with practice, and gain real world experience in the Information Technology sector. This allows for the development of specialized skills that cannot be taught in the classroom.

Q. What if I have more queries?

Email us on