Certified Information Security and Ethical Hacking Course


Certified Information Security and Ethical Hacking Course (CISEH) is a standout amongst the most perceived certification courses in Information Security and Ethical Hacking area. The CISEH course covers all parts of Information Security and Ethical Hacking philosophies that permit learners to get hold of functional comprehension with a mixed bag of moral hacking devices and methods, empowering one to turn into an Information Security Expert. CISEH is a complete Ethical Hacking and Information Security certification course offered by Pristine InfoSolutions concentrating on most recent security dangers, propelled assaults and handy constant showing of the most recent hacking procedures, techniques, devices, traps, and efforts to establish safety needed to meet the gauges of profoundly gifted security experts, thus CISEH training program is appraised as best ethical hacking course in Indore available today by Pristine InfoSolutions and its branches across India.

CISEH, the most sought-after information security certification is designed to reinforce the skills of the new generation of cyber sleuths!

With expanding utilization of the web and worries about its security, particularly concerning things like purchaser data or private points of interest; ethical hacking has turn into a crucial piece of IT security industry today. Subsequently an ethical hacker or security expert is typically utilized by organizations to assault a security framework for its proprietors, looking for vulnerabilities that a noxious hacker could adventure and settling system and PC security vulnerabilities. Whether you are a Fresher or an accomplished proficient, this Ethical Hacking Course (CISEH) is the main preparing module accessible in India which covers all parts of defence and attacks in the Cyber World which will distinguish yourself from the group to wind up most sought after IT Security Professional.


This training program will immerse the student into an interactive environment where they will be trained on how to use ethical hacking techniques to perform a white-hack activity and secure an organization.

This official CISEH course provides each participant with an in-depth knowledge to deploy latest tools and techniques needed to protect organization's networks and systems.

  • Implement real–world hacking techniques
  • Find vulnerabilities in an IT network
  • Identify and analyze organization's IT risks
  • Penetrate networks and computer systems
  • Apply IT security countermeasures
  • Investigate and mitigate security exposure
  • Develop an ongoing security strategy


For CISEH training and certification, a candidate must have a prior knowledge of basic computer skills like use of internet. Most importantly learners should have enthusiasm for learning new concepts of ethical hacking everyday.

Target Audience.

CISEH is targeted towards those who are looking to build career in IT Security, IT Security Officers, IT Auditors, Network Security Administrators, System Administrators or anyone who wants ethical hacking as a profession.

Training Duration.

It will be of 50 hours training sessions where trainer will be physically present in class to take sessions. Every session consist combination of both theoretical and practical stuffs with live hacking on realtime portals.



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To be an Ethical Hacker is a position that most IT professionals dream about at certain point of their career. It is not merely a cool job title but there are much more perks of being an Ethical Hacker in the industry today. When we mention an Ethical Hacker, we mean a computer security specialist who is an expert in cracking vulnerability and ensures that the information of any organization is stable and secure. In simple words, being an ethical hacker you will be hired by a company or an individual to penetrate systems and networks and to find security glitches and fix them. What gives you a white stamp about being an Ethical Hacker is that you will use the same procedure as any hacker but to fix the loopholes and not to exploit them. Your role is to take care and prevent, correct and protect the data on various networks. In the Information and Technology world if you have an add-on credential in cyber law it is a key to secure great position in government and IT based public or private companies.


Ethical hacking provides enormous career opportunities to those who take it up as a profession. Renowned companies such as Wipro, IBM, Infosys, Reliance, Airtel, etc. are always on a look out for efficient Hacking professionals. Some of these job titles include:

  • Network Analyst
  • Incident Responder
  • Security Consultant
  • Systems Engineer
  • Penetration Tester
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Security Architect
  • Malware Analyst
  • Security Auditor
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Computer Crime Investigator
  • Disaster Recovery Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Chief InfoSec Manager


The course substance of CISEH is redesigned consistently to ensure that every participant finds out about the most current threats to organization's networks and systems.
  • Introduction
  • Computer Security - Basics
  • Types of Security
  • ASCII Code - making a folder invisible
  • Network Security
  • IPv4 and Ipv6
  • IP Address – Basic, Detecting
  • Nmap, SuperScan
  • Foot-Printing Techniques
  • Trace Router
  • Detecting Victim's OS
  • Detecting Firewall
  • Registrar, Registry, Registrant
  • Top Level Domains
  • Domain and Hosting Panels
  • Counterfeit / Gibberish domain reporting
  • DNS Delegation
  • Email Security
  • Email Threats
  • Hacking Mailing Clients
  • Email Forging (Sending Fake mails)
  • Spamming
  • B3y0nd e-bomber
  • Email Headers
  • Instant Messengers Hacking (gtalk, yahoo)
  • Port Scanning
  • Detecting Open Ports
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Trojan attack and countermeasure
  • Hacking by Key loggers
  • Steganography and Steganalysis
  • Identity Attacks
  • Password Cracking
  • Brute force Attack
  • Cracking Word file, PDF, zip, rar passwords
  • Cracking Facebook and Gmail passwords
  • Mobile Phone and online Apps Hacking
  • Hacking chatting apps (WeChat, Whatsapp)
  • Hacking online database portals
  • Spying through cell phone
  • Call Spoofing
  • Input Validation Attack
  • Buffer Overflow Attack
  • Batch file scripting
  • DOS and DDOS Attacks
  • HoneyPots, 0day
  • Social Engineering Attacks
  • Website Hacking
  • Web Jacking
  • Phishing Technique
  • Social networking hacking (Facebook)
  • Finding vulnerabilities on websites
  • Illegal Money Transfer
  • Making own Virus
  • Internet Abuse Complaint and Reporting
  • Spamming email ID
  • Spamvertised domain
  • Base64
  • Phishing websites
  • Malware websites
  • Inappropriate content on website
  • Whois inaccuracy
  • Privacy Protected domains
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Fake profiles
  • Child Pornography
  • Credit Card Frauds
  • Cyber Law and Consulting
  • Cyber Forensics and Investigations
  • IT Act, 2000
  • CERT-IND and AO
  • Case Studies
  • Earning Money Online
  • Adsense and Adwords

Note: Each of the above module contains sub-modules, for complete course details contact us !


We don't just talk about possibilities. We make them Possible.


In-house lab sessions with highly reputed and experienced professionals from IT security industry where learners can interact with the instructor face to face for optimal learning experience.


Online classes are conducted through LIVE video streaming, where learners can interact with the instructor by speaking, chatting and sharing screen, on a specific day and time and with a set duration.


  • Advanced hacking technologies
  • Complete hands-on hacking and countermeasures
  • Security auditing techniques and standard practices
  • Utilities from underground hacking communities
  • Real world lab exercises
  • A premier international certification of CISEH
  • Live cyber crime investigation projects
  • Cyber Law Acts and practices
  • Updated courseware, latest tools and techniques
  • 24x7 lab availability to practice hacking concepts
Unlike the other training programs, Certified Information Security and Ethical Hacking Course (CISEH) is the most advanced ethical hacking and security assessment course available today. The program covers extensive interactive hands-on training for exploiting systems, networks, devices and operating platforms and hacking concepts such as vulnerability assessment.


Some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Ethical Hacking Course.

Q. How do I become an ethical hacker?

To become an ethical hacker, an individual must be expert in Network Security, Email Security, Web Security and Cyber Law. CISEH training covers all the mentioned pillars required to become an ethical hacker.

Q. What are the career benefits of CISEH for you?

In the event that you plan to seek your career in ethical hacking, certifications are also available to this end. The Certification act as an advantage for the one's who want to pursue career in ethical hacking. Certification gives you specialized angle, as well as the legitimate edge. If a person isn't certified, there are possibilities that he/she may face legal problems in case of an incident. Pristine's CISEH certification will certainly help you gain knowledge and experience. It will also help you get an entry into the ethical hacking career. However, do remember that just certifications won't help. There's not a viable alternative for hands-on experience.

Q. What is the total duration for ethical hacking training?

The total course duration is of 50 Hours. The 50 hours duration is divided in to 10 lectures. Each lecture will be for 3 hours followed by practical assignments and lab exercises for 2 hours. Towards the end of the course, you will be working on live projects where would be expected to complete a project based on your learning. Our Cyber Experts will be available to help through email, phone or Live Support for any help required.

Q. Do you also provide any course material?

Once you register with us for a particular course, you get lifetime access to the course materials such as Ebooks and Toolkits.

Q. Are classes conducted on weekdays or weekends?

The classes are conducted every week. Regular Batch and Weekend Batch.

  • Regular Batch: Monday to Friday ( Alternate Days).
  • Weekends Batch: Saturday/Sunday and only Sunday.

Q. How do I enroll for the ethical hacking training?

You can enroll for Ethical Hacking Training by visiting any of our branch in your city. Once the fees has been paid, receipt of the same will be issued to the candidate.

Q. Why is the certification most sought-after?

Pristine's CISEH certification has become highly sought after with instances of organizations like Defence organizations, Forensic laboratories, Detective companies, Investigation services, IT Industry and Law enforcement agencies making CISEH certification a compulsory prerequisite for security-related posts. Whether you are a Fresher or an Experienced Professional, CISEH will distinguish yourself from the crowd to become most in-demand IT Security Professional

Q. What is the certification process?

This course is designed for clearing Certified Information Security and Ethical Hacker Course (CISEH). The exam will be conducted after completion of the training which will assess and evaluate practical skills of a student. Once the student pass the exam. He will be awarded with CISEH certification.

Q. Who will be the trainer?

We have highly qualified and certified Trainers with vast number of experience. Majority of the CISEH training will conducted By Mr. Rizwan Shaikh. He is one of the India's renowned Ethical Hacker, Information Security Researcher and Cyber Crime Consultant actively involved in providing Ethical Hacking and Information Security training & services. He is the Founder and CTO of Pristine InfoSolutions and has trained over 30,000 individuals in Colleges, Corporates and Government Departments. To know more about him, please visit

Q. What if I have doubts/queries before or after the session?

We provide 24x7 support to make sure that you get your queries resolved any time you need, either through the mode of phone calls or emails.

If you have doubts before the class, you can post your queries face-to-face during the session. If you have any doubts after the session is over, then you can call or email the instructors anytime.

Q. Is there any project supported with the course?

The students get the unique opportunity to work on various technologies of our ongoing client projects along with the professional guidance and training. It allows students to link theory with practice, and gain real world experience in the Information Technology sector. This allows for the development of specialized skills that cannot be taught in the classroom.

Q. What if I have more queries?

Email us on